Websites designed especially for
Food Trucks & Small Businesses

Here’s what you get

Website included!

You get a basic 1-5 page website with your images, logo, and text-copy, that is updated to display your content, location, and contact information. The email form will send the contents to your email address.

Fast Web Hosting!

You get blazing fast website hosting! That means your website will load quickly in any device from anywhere. This includes a CDN (content delivery network) which helps to load your website faster anywhere in the world. This is a critical element for SEO purposes.

Mobile Responsive Website!

You get a responsive website that is viewable in any device and screen width. This is also a critical element for SEO purposes.

SSL Security Certificate Included!

You get a secure website with an SSL security certificate built into the entire website. This is also a critical element for SEO purposes.

Backups & Security Included!

You get nightly backups and security monitoring of your site to protect you from anything that might go wrong.

Stellar Support included!

You get monthly support in case you need to ask questions or get help. We can even help you update your website in case your hours or address changes.

Monthly Updates and Maintenance Included!

You get regular updates and maintenance of the WordPress version, themes, and plugins to make sure your website is always up to date and performing optimally.

Here’s what it costs

Website Setup

You provide the text-copy, logo and images, and we create the website for $1,200. Simple and affordable.

Domain Name Included!

If you don’t already have a domain, we’ll host one for you at no charge! We’ll event setup GSuite email for your domain if we host it ($7 per month to Google for email service).

VIP Web Hosting

We host the website for you, and do all the necessary tasks to keep your website performing well, including updates, backups, maintenance and support for the only $59 per month!

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We are a fully managed and optimized WordPress hosting and web development agency. We are dedicated to small and medium sized businesses that demand fast, hassle-free, peace of mind hosting and high-performance websites.