About Spaceably

We created Spaceably because so many of our WordPress customers had difficulties with hosting companies and when they shared those frustrations with us, we listened. Our solution was to develop positive relationships with the fastest, most reliable content delivery networks and WordPress services available, and put them all under one roof here at Spaceably. We handle all the details and manage the entire process like a finely tuned machine so that our customers don’t have to worry about the technicalities.

We’re not like any other hosting company because we aim to be different. There’s no cPanel, no installing WordPress, no worrying about updates, maintenance or security; no need to connect your domain nameservers–we do all that for you! We are a Full-Service, Fully Managed, WordPress Hosting Service that works directly with YOU!

We designed our hosting services to exceed the needs of small to medium companies so you can focus on your business. We handle all the updates, security, new technology, backups, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Our scalable hosting services ensure that your website is optimized, fast, secure and available 24/7.

How It Works

Simply put, you need a reliable and fast host for your website; you need advanced security and a dedicated account manager to actively monitor and manage your website’s performance and associated brand exposure. That’s what we do!

We’ve put together the very best WordPress services into one carefully curated, multifaceted and fully managed hosting service to better suit you and your growing business needs.

We’re here to make life easier for you. So here’s the plan:

1.  Select the plan that you feel fits your current needs.
2.  Complete the subscription form for the plan desired.
3.  Once we get started you’ll receive an email about our progress.

Our work begins after you sign up, including backing up your site and migrating the whole WordPress instance over to our optimized servers. You shouldn’t notice anything initially because it’s all done behind the scenes. We will be configuring the security, data collection services and optimizing your website for peak performance. Don’t worry if you initially pick the wrong plan, we can always scale up if necessary.

During the setup process we will access your domain and hosting accounts so we can migrate your existing website to our servers without interruption. If you don’t have a website, we can build one for you! You’ll receive updates on our progress. Meanwhile, we will be focusing our efforts on your website’s performance from there on.

It’s as easy as that! When you’re ready just click the “plans and pricing” button to get started.

Why Spaceably?

In really basic terms, we are your very own digital concierge service that helps you navigate the labyrinth that is the digital world and avoid the pitfalls of hosting your business online. All you need to do is what you do best–your business. We handle your website needs and protect your digital assets.

We handle the hosting and keep track of your website and it’s performance. We provide support, regular maintenance for your website, and much more. We fully manage your WordPress instance and make sure your website is up and running at peak performance! We optionally provide performance reporting so that you don’t need to go digging for data showing your growth and website exposure.

Lastly, we have three main components that differentiate us from the everyday hosting companies out there.

  • Your very own Dedicated Account Manager
  • All the Comprehensive WordPress services you need under one roof
  • Built in Awesomeness (blazing speed, stellar security, fully managed)

Still Have Questions?

My name is Erik Blair, and I am the founder of Spaceably. If you are unsure about our services or you just want to see if we’re real or not, email me directly at: erik@spaceably.com


We are a Fully Managed and Optimized WordPress Hosting Solution for small to medium sized businesses that demand fast, hassle-free, peace of mind hosting.